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ABDL Adult baby diaper lover phone Sex

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  • 06/17/12--03:51: Mommy's Favorite Things
  • You know what I love best about being an adult baby mommy? Feeding my little ones, that’s what. And I like to make my own baby food. Today I’m pureeing sweet potatoes and beets. Yes, you read that correctly. I said beets. But if you’re a good boy and eat your beets, I’ve got brownies for dessert. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you sample my melons. How does that sound? But remember, you have to be good and eat everything mommy feeds you. What are your favorite baby foods? Or are you a titty baby? There’s no shame in preferring mommy’s milk. In fact, I like to snuggle with my breastfeeding abies at lunchtime and just concentrate on the warm sensations feeding the AB creates in my belly. But careful with those teeth. Mommy’s nipples are very sensitive, but as long as you’re gentle you can suck as long as you want. And you know when you drink lots of mommy’s yummy milk you’re going to wet your diaper. When baby wets his diaper he’s going to need a change. If mommy changes you, she’s going to leave you with a smile. When mommy Josie makes you smile, you’re going to want to call again.

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  • 10/07/12--21:32: Bubble Bath with Mommy Liz
  • Is there anything better than having bath time with mommy? I love climbing in the tub with my sweet little ABies when it’s time to get nice and clean. But before we can get to soaping up, we have to get the bath ready. I make sure the water is just the right temperature for my little ones. Not too hot and certainly not too cold. Then I like to add some nice creamy bubble bath to make it extra fun! Now once the tub is full, I help my sweet ABy out of his clothes and diaper, then I get myself undressed and climb in first, that way, my little one can climb right into my lap in the warm sudsy water. I use a soft sponge to wash all over ABy’s little arms and legs, and I take special care when I wash their naughty bits. If my little one has been VERY good, I stroke him and let him feel between my legs until he’s ready to shoot! Once ABy is clean and fresh we get out of the tub and I wrap him in a big warm soft towel. After I get him diapered and dressed for bed time, it’s time for cozy cuddles and a little of mommy’s milk before night night. Are you a special little one ready for bath time with mommy? Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010

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  • 05/02/13--01:00: My Fussy, Hungry ABy
  • Mommy‘s ABy is fussy today! I’ve bathed you, given you a fresh crinkly diapey, rocked you, and nothing seems to soothe you. You won’t take your pacifier and you’ve thrown your bottle down everytime I offer it. Does ABy want Mommy’s milk? Does Aby need to suckle on Mommy’s full, warm titties? You take me into your mouth with a contented sigh. With your eyes closed, you snuggle closer, nursing loudly and happily. What a greedy ABy you are! It makes Mommy feel so good to have you pressed against me, skin to skin. The gentle pull of your mouth on my nipple makes Mommy’s special place tingle and grow warm. Mommy has lots of special ways to make sure her ABy is happy. Sara 1-888-430-2010

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  • 06/09/13--00:42: Boobie Baby
  • Always grabbing at the ladies boobs as they pass by you nothing i do makes you stop so now the ladies in question that has to put up with you grabbing them will be forewarned.Every time you leave this house you will wear this adorable and cute outfit.Then the ladies will see you coming way ahead of time.This Boobs baby tee-shirt says it all don’t you  think because you are a very naughty one this will suit you quite nicely.Seems like you would get tired of getting that face slapped so much as you grabbing the boobs of these ladies but you just keep on doing it laughing as you know that face is going to get slapped sometimes you get kicked and stomped but you keep on at it. Victoria 1.888.430.2010

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  • 08/30/15--17:37: No Taboo Phonesex
  • I love talking to other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! It’s so much fun giving cute little babies a diaper changes, or forcing a bratty sissy boy to deep throat my strap-on, I love making all fantasies come true! No taboo makes things so much more exciting; I get so wet when I know I’m doing something really naughty, like playing in dirty diapers or role-playing as a sexy mommy eager to take her sons virginity.. I love all kinks, and will have so much fun exploring your dark fetishes.. I absolutely love knowing that you’re getting off, so go ahead, tell me everything. I want to know exactly what to do to make you moan and beg for more, until you finally can’t control yourself and you blow your load all over my cute, smiling face or big, bouncy tits! Don’t be shy, I’ll keep your dirty little secret! Xoxoxo Brittney 888-430-2010

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  • 10/10/15--13:36: Hungry Little Baby
  • When I got home from work today, my aby would not stop crying. I tried to change his diaper, but it was clean! I finally decided that he was probably hungry. I heated up some formula for him and put it in his bottle, but he wouldn’t drink it. After I tried to make him drink for a few minutes, I realized that he just didn’t want the bottle—my aby wanted his milk straight from Mommy’s titty. I had been pumping my milk for him a few times a week, but he always preferred to drink it right from my breast, and I honestly I have to admit that I prefer it to feeding him with a bottle as well. When he’s gentle, I like to touch myself while he drinks, since my nipples are so sensitive. I finally decided that he was good today and was allowed to drink some of Mommy’s sweet milk. So, I took him out of his bed and put him on my lap. I unhooked my bra and took out my swollen breast and he took it eagerly into his mouth and started sucking. He must have been very hungry, because he was rough, and I could feel him biting at my nipples a bit. I groaned because it hurt, but it also felt good in a way, so I let him keep biting. By the time he was done with his meal, my pussy was soaked. Since I like to use my aby’s tongues, I laid him back down, took off my pants, and lowered my dripping pussy onto his face. He loves eating me out for dessert. He cleaned me up so well that I rewarded him by squirting all over his face. I gave him a nice warm bath afterwards. Don’t you wish you were my aby? — Barbie <3 888-430-2010

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    I love breastfeeding my adult baby in public. It makes me feel like I am the center of the universe. We slink off to a private little corner where people can still see us but they pay less attention. Everyone who can see us stares at us. Some people are confused by us. Some are disgusted by us. But anyone who knows the sissy baby lifestyle is insanely jealous of us. People watch you lay your head on my chest and pull the collar of my shirt below my breasts leaving my black lacy bra bare. Then they watch you lift my full breast out of my bra and greedily wrap your lips around my ready nipple. You gently suck, pulling the warm milk from me. I stroke your hair gently and rub your back with each gentle suck. You start to make little suckling noises. Everyone is looking at us now but we don’t care. Jenna 888-430­-2010

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  • 12/21/08--14:35: Gas and Dirty Dipers!
  • Now for all of u abies you will be tootin a lot this season, so your gona need to be kept clean and dry. So make sure Mommy takes good care and changes those dipeys often. Mommy Sara 1-888-938-7382

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  • 01/04/09--13:20: DRESS UP
  • Now this sheep has no issues with dressing up in women’s clothing. Where are all my sissy babies. Come out, come out, where ever you are! Mommy Sara wants to play with you. I want to bring you to my room and put you in a nice warm diapey, dress you in some frilly pretty dresses, with bobby socks, and patent leather shoes. Have you sit at Mommies vanity and put your hair up in a pretty pink bow, put some blush on those checks, and pucker those lips for mommies favorite lipstick. Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010

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  • 01/11/09--18:33: Spots!
  • I remember my first stuffed animal I called him spots! When I was young my bed was so full of stuffed animals it was hard to find little ole me, *giggles* What was your first stuffed animal? Do you still have any from your childhood? Every Sunday afternoon I remember I use to take all my stuffed animals outside and set up a blanket and read to them. What did you use to do with your stuffed animals? Or maybe that’s an x-rated answer *hehehe* Well let Mommy Sara know I am anxious to hear your answers pg and x rated! Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010

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  • 01/18/09--12:13: Hide-n-go Seek
  • Now this looks like my kinda playground! Do you want to play with me? Mommy Sara loves playing hide and go seek and what better place to hide then this castle. Ah, the fun we could have hidden away all by ourselves. Long dark, quiet, hallways and I am sure lots of trap doors and hidden rooms! You think you can hide from Mommy? Ready or Not here I Come!

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  • 01/25/09--16:49: ABDL Friendship
  • Crazy thing happened the other day, my little abie was at work and a young new employee slipped up and told him that she was into the ab dl lifestyle. He told me that his mouth dropped to the floor *giggles* She was cute as a button he told me and has asked her to meet him for coffee next weekend. I am very excited for him. He has been waiting a very long time to meet another abdl in real life! Good luck to you my abie! I can not wait to hear how Juicy (wets) the conversation goes. Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010

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  • 02/23/09--17:08: WANT TO PLAY?
  • Mommy Sara is wanting to play with all her babies. Mommy loves to breastfeed her abies and force them to wear diapers! Mommy can help you with that little stiff pee pee, Mommy promises to take special care of her lil ones. But if your naughty watch out because Mommy Sara will gladly take you over her knee! Mommy Sara 1888-430-2010

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  • 05/01/09--06:48: Story Time
  • It’s story time! Let’s see, what story shall we read? I have some very special books today. Would you like to hear Rumplestilskin? Little Red Riding Hood?  How about Hansel and Gretel? I just love our special time together, when you’re resting in my lap, suckling on my breast, as I gently rock you and read you a story. Now let’s grab your blanky and teddy, and get you up on my lap, my sweet baby. There we go, all comfy? My breast milk is warm and ready for you to suckle, too. Now snuggle down, and let’s begin – once upon a time… Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010

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  • 11/19/09--20:29: I'm Totally Nuts About You!
  • I’ts Janey here and because I am totally nuts about all of you, I have a very special treat through November, in honor of Thanksgiving. You can call your sweet lil’ mommy Janey for $1.79 a minute from the US and Canada! That’s right! I’m not only nuts about you, I am thankful for you and this is how I’m giving back to all my little ones! Can’t wait to talk! Love Janey 1-888-430-2010

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  • 01/10/10--20:37: Snuggles
  • Awww, come here sweetie! Sometimes you just need to be snuggled and hugged. And there’s nothing like having you mommy’s arms wrapped around you, keeping you safe, making you feel wanted and loved; adoring you with sweet kisses; rocking you gently back and forth; keeping the world outside at bay (at least for a little while). Mommy knows just what baby needs! Let me make it all better! Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010

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  • 03/07/10--14:54: Hide –n- Seek
  • Mommy loves to play games with her little babies, after my little one’s face turns all shades of red pooping and filling that diaper he looks to Mommy and gets this crazy idea that it is suddenly time for a game. A game of hide -n- seek no less. He takes off running away from me and I chase after him, Oh what fun we have together. And when Mommy catches baby he will get kisses and a sweet diaper change. Mommy Sara 1 888 430 2010

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    Mommy Sara loves to diaper her babies. There is such a special bond that is created when a Mommy diapers her baby. I so much enjoy the process of changing a diaper, the facial expressions, the smells, the touch and playful act. I know that we would all prefer to be changed in person, but sometimes this just isn’t a possibility and that’s where me and my other loving mommies here at phone a mommy come in and know this that we truly care about our babies and just wish that we had more than two hands! So, let me get my two hands I do have dirty while getting you all clean! Just ring a ling me 888 430 2010 Mommy Sara

    The post So you want me to diaper you? appeared first on ABDL Diaper Lover Blog.

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  • 04/23/10--18:45: Fair Time!
  • Are you ready to come with Mommy for a trip to the county fair? We will ride the Carousel, the Choo Choo Train, the Dragon Wagon, the Spinning Apples, TeaCups, and Watering Whales. We can feed all the animals, watch the clowns, dance to the band and eat till our tummies hurt! Corn dogs, Sausage sandwiches, fries, cotton candy, and funnel cakes. Mommy will bring along lots of diapers cause your bound to have some messy ones! We will play till we drop and party till you poop! Now hurry and let Mommy take you for a treat, don’t wait too long the fair only stays around for a few weeks! Mommy Lauren 1 888 430 2010

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  • 05/21/10--13:29: Babies Nursery
  • Mommy loves to shop and redoing the nursery is always so much fun. My little one loves when Mommy redecorates and goes on shopping sprees. The hardest part is settling on only one new style *giggles* that’s why I shop every year keeping the nursery fresh and new and fun! Fresh new paint, some wall decorations and new linens. Mommy cant wait to breastfeed her little one in abies newly decorated nursery! Mommy Lauren 1 888 430 2010

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